Survival Skills

Homesteading for many people is the fine art of survival. They want to be in charge of their future and their destiny. Learning survival skills will come in handy if you get lost, or you just don’t want to be bothered by big government.

Storing up food and water for ourselves is just one small part of survival on the homestead. Having firearms for protection of man or beast may also be important.

Meanwhile the government has quietly created a shortage of their own to put an end to Americans owning guns. The gun store owners cannot explain the sudden shortage of ammunition except that the army has bought up all the stock and has placed future bids to ammunition factories. The people cannot protect themselves if they have no ammunition for their guns.

The New government is creating a New World Order. For more information you need to watch “The Obama Deceception” video found on or Youtube.

President Obama has already called for a “Young Brigades” to be formed and the plea is for every single Amercican to protect their country. However, this is nothing more than a ploy to get young brainwashed Americans to do their bidding. These young soldiers will arrive unannounced and make door to door visits to confiscate guns and cause people to work in exchange for food.

In addition to the ammunition shortages the government will also create food shortages. One way already started is by using food for biodiesel. The price of corn has jumped four times the value over the last year. Dairy farmers are already committing suicide over the fallen prices of milk, and farmers are also suffering from the high costs of fertilizers, fuels, and chemicals in depressed market conditions.

The goverment is militantly plodding ahead in a fascist movement buying up stock in car manufacturers, banks, and other avenues to create their New World Order. This agenda is the same as under Hitler and other former Fascist leaders.

What Can You do?

Anyone living within a city or small town will be easy targets for the army to force into compliance. Anyone who is wishing to remain free from governmental control must plan to act now before it is too late.

You must try to sell everything you can and accumulate as much cash as you can to buy up small or large plots of land miles away from what we know as modern civalization. You must be prepared to raise your own meat, grow a garden, preserve your own canning, cut your own firewood for heat, and try to be dependent on solar/wind electricity for refridgeration. In essence, you must be solely independent.

Some people are very concerned about what the government is going to do and they are also preparing themselves for a full scale emergency, including equipping themselves with Emergency Kits and arming themselves with guns.

Although the owners of this site already live off the grid and are able to grow our own food, we are also taking steps to have one weeks supply of emergency water, purification tablets, other emergency rations, pack sacks in case we have to flee, first aid kits, a one year supply of canned foods, and so forth.

Some people are also forming their own colonies, sharing both labor and resources, meanwhile storing up guns and ammunition should they be attacked, and building bomb shelters for their immediate families.

Don’t get caught with your pants down. There is a strong push for this New World Order and it will come with a new system of buying and selling. You will require a micro chip. Anyone who does not have this chip will be starved out of existence or shot.

Don’t take my word for it. You need to watch “The Obama Deceception” found at or Youtube and then check out the facts and decide for yourself!