Modern Homesteading Today

Modern Homesteading Today

History of Homestead Acts

In May of 1862, that time President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln signed the Homestead Act that allowed for any  person who had never taken up arms against the government of United States could file  an application for  one hundred  and sixty acres of land outside the original thirteen states.  According to this act there were some negotiable requirements such  as the applicant for the homestead land had to improve the land & work with it for a minimum of five years.  These were really  easy & flexible conditions for all applicants and if all the requirements were met successfully, the applicant got the land without any cost. All homestead acts were reversed in 1976 for most of the states of USA. Alaska is the only exception because  it still allowed the inhabitants to apply for up to eighty acres of land for homesteading today.

Definition of Homesteading Today

Homesteading today means any home that practices the similar skills found on those early days homesteads such as growing  crops, keeping livestock such as goats, and producing basic furniture and clothing at your home.  Possibly you have heard someone describe  the way they live as simple or 1″back to basics” and what they are really talking about is homesteading today. What you may think of as the usual homestead tree farm or  small family farm is the most frequent usage of the word homesteading today.

Homesteading Today & The Reason To Practice It

It is not a secret topic nowadays that the present economy is in a pretty bad shape. All the famous financial experts  & politicians  have all kinds of statistics & graphs to explain to us that it is not as awful as we know it is–  really.  However none of those  mean anything when  we go to the grocery store & find that the prices of milk are up again and we can not afford to put  meat in our daily dinner menu. Homesteading today is the perfect way to get back to basics and memorizing the  fundamental difference  between needs & wants. It is needless to say that homesteading helps you relearn how to take care of yourself and trust me when  everything goes from bad to worse, definitely you’ll be glad of your self reliance. Homesteading today  saves you money and trains  you up with the knowledge of surviving through tough times. It also presents to you a sense of achievement that is hard to beat.

Most people soon find out that homesteading today is a lot of work. Sometimes, back breaking work! But, the independence of being your own boss, the peace and quiet from bustling highways and city noise and other distractions, the joy of having pets or livestock, and the satisfaction of raising your own chemical and antibiotic free organic-garden to eat is priceless.

New technology also makes it possible to generate electricity on the homestead without using solar or wind. Living on the homestead has never been easier.

Sometimes, we also find it necessary to raise money in creative ways. In fact, modern technology has helped us raise income from the comforts of our homestead.


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