Homesteading Tips

Homesteading Tips is a valuable resource from someone who lives the life on a homestead out in the country.

Many people find themselves dreaming about homesteading on their very own homestead farm. So here are some practical homesteading tips you can use before one engages themselves in a huge project with little understanding as to what lies ahead.

A dedicated homesteader is committed to keeping their life as free and as uncomplicated as possible. This means that the four basic ingredients for life become the motivating factors for all that we do.

The four basic ingredients are: food, water, clothing and shelter and they are at the very core of our existence.

Which of the four: ‘Food, water, clothing and shelter’ are more important?

Answering that question largely depends on the circumstances your are in today.

Homesteading Tip: Have a Written 3-5 Year Plan

Having a plan is the only way to start out homesteading. Doing so will keep small goals before you to motivate you to plunge forward. It will also help you to be realistic in your desire to homestead.

For example:

Do I want to keep a job while homesteading or do I want to break away from the workplace and live on the land full-time?

The answer to that question is enormous! A steady flow of money is required to build homes, fences, gardens and prepare the land ready for use.

Living off the land may require a surplus of money up front to ensure you have clothing, food, water, and housing in place to get off to a good start. That may mean a sizable bank account that will provide for at least six months of living costs or you will need income form somewhere.

Homesteading Tip: Avoid Borrowing

Banks love to lend money but it comes at a price. Modern homesteaders would do well to keep those pesky interest lovers away.

Here is something that you may never gave much thought. Banks actually commit fraud everyday. They lend you money they do not have. They actually create a promissory note based upon your signature. They actually make money off your signature without having to put up anything of their own in return. Based upon that signature the federal reserve or Bank of Canada borrows you the money, from money that they print “when needed”! That is fraud!

But, if you somehow have the rug pulled out from under you as in “hard times” the banks will take everything you own to repay that fraudulent loan. Think about it! Don’t borrow your way into slavery to a fraudulent corporation!

Pantry Tips

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Well Water Tips

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Cellar Tips

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Land Use

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Urban Living

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Home Heating

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Electrical Tips

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Fencing Tips

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Housing Tips

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