Feta Cheese

Feta Cheese Basics

Feta Cheese requires salt brine and culture recipe given below.

Culture Recipe:

To make your own culture purchase one pint of plain yougurt. Add this to an equal amount of milk in a mason jar with a lid. Let sit for two days on the counter.

Add one half of this culture to the milk for cheese. Fill the jar back up with more milk into the culture for next time, let sit for a day, place in the fridge until ready to use.

Storing Feta Cheese

Salt Brine:

To one gallon of water add 2 cups of coarse salt.
Heat on stove until salt disappears. Let cool.

Feta Cheese Recipe:

One gallon of goats milk. Milk can be sour or a few days old depending on tartness desired.
Add one half the culture of above.
Let sit for two days on counter.

Add One tablespoon salt.
Place in large enough pot and turn heat to just over medium.
Stir often to prevent burning.
Let it slow boil for about one minute.

Let cool for about ten minutes.

Curdles should have been formed. If you have trouble getting curds add 3/4 cup of vinegar or Realemon juice.

Pour into a cheese cloth and drain whey.

Take cheese curds and press with hands into small container or let hang in cheese cloth for a few hours and press with hands before removing.

Place into bowl large enough to hold cheese. Cover with brine and let sit in cool area or fridge for two days.

Slice or crumble into salads and enjoy.

You can experiment with the sharpness of the cheese by aging a little longer.

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