Homestead Finances

Finances and Budgets
There will be lots of labor but minimal cost. Keep it small and if anything you can use it later for a barn when you have more time and money to expand! Try to use hand tools as they need only a little maintenance compared to power, or mechanical tools. If you already have them then they can be an asset if used properly.

Earn a potentially high homestead income this year!
Your first year garden should also be small as you might be busy building your home, possibly  fencing, plowing, or who knows?

The other aspect is that you may not have much experience with soil conditions or gardening and by keeping it small you will know how much you really need and how much more you may need to plant next year, and other undetermined factors such as animals, pests, insects. One of them being you may not like gardening! We recommend that you get used to it — it will feed you and your family all winter long!

Plan to live off the grocery stores the first year or first few months until the harvest is in. We prefer to move to a homestead in April before the planting season begins and then start eating the garden as it produces from May to October, while canning or freezing for winter. This way our grocery costs are minimal.

I also highly recommend only a few pets or livestock for your first year. A cat will be very good at cutting down the mice population, a medium size dog will scare away raccoons and deer from your garden; and a milk goat will give you milk and cheese. All of these animals require little food and give back something in return.

Bees are also very good the first year. They take little care or expense and will provide a natural sweetener for baking, beverages, or spreading on your breads, biscuits or whatever else you enjoy.

All of the above requires minimal time and money if done right. Earning extra income from other sources may help you find time to enjoy your homesteading way of life.

The worst lie spread throughout our culture is that you have to have a credit score. Credit scores are for people who want to be in slavery to the lending institutions all their life.

Start with cash, earn cash from crafts, vegetables, flowers, honey, milk, meat, spend less than what you earn, and you will be richer than you can think or imagine.

If you follow this advice you should have a happy homesteading life!