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Today, most women are much too busy to put this kind of time into their clothing, when there is no real necessity. Not only are ready-made clothes easily accessible, they are actually cheaper than sewing in many cases.

Find out how to repair your own sewing machine!

At the same time, there are many women — men too — who take pleasure and pride in producing clothing and other cloth items for their family. If you are one of these, do not despair because we have found some great ways for you to indulge your craft without breaking the bank.


Used clothing with cloth that is in decent condition can be taken apart and used to make new items. Not-so-good items will often render good pieces that can be used for patches or quilts. And even the worst cloth can be used for cleaning!

Shop Discount

Many textile shops have clearance bins and end of roll sales. Just make sure you know exactly how much cloth you need for your project. Consider shopping as part of a group and buying bulk amounts, especially if you are a quilter. Or like to make a LOT of matching clothes!

We have found an online supplier with great prices on their textiles. They also sell notions and even sewing machines. If you are in an isolated community, this might be the only way for you to access sewing supplies; and if you have to travel out of your small town to get to a sewing shop, it just may save you a lot of gas.

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We have not forgotten about those of you who prefer to buy ready-made. There are ways to save on your clothing budget as well.


Gently used clothes are very popular these days. They are no longer referred to as “hand-me-downs”! Hint: it might be an easier sell to your teens if you tell them you have found them some “vintage” wear.

Many people are in the habit of exchanging baby clothes because they get so little wear. Now it is becoming more popular for ladies to have a ‘clothing swap’ of items they are tired of or they no longer fit. And why not? Everything is used after the first time you wear it!

There are both national and local used clothing stores. We do have a word of caution. Some not-for-profit stores sell their ‘broken in’ items for the same prices you could buy them for brand new in bargain department stores. There are two very good reasons for this: they are trying to raise money for a good cause; and, they have to cover the expenses of operating a facility. However, if the point is for you to save money, you need to put your cause before theirs and go somewhere more affordable. We have noticed that smaller groups, like local churches, tend to have much lower prices and the proceeds still go to a good cause.

Bargain Hunt

There are also ways to buy new on a budget:

end of season sales – pick slightly conservative styles as they are less likely to be out of style the following season.

clearance items – if you keep a close eye out, you can sometimes find items the store just wants to clear out rather than restock.

slightly damaged goods – you can sometimes get things for a dollar or two that only need a zipper or a seam repaired.

Of course, you will want to shop where the prices are low in the first place. We have found online companies that offers great deals on many of their items, as well as great variety. Check them out below!


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We hope these tips and leads will be of great assistance to you in keeping the shirt on your back without emptying your wallet.

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  1. I re-design my husband’s worn out shirts for myself. They are quite nice and “fashionable” around our mini-farm. I wish I could share with everyone how I do this.

  2. I bet your husband enjoys seeing his old clothes redesigned on you. It is a trade or gift that is sorely lacking in our generation.

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