Canning Chicken

Canned Chicken

Find out how to make Restaurant Style foods such as Kentucky Fried Chicken right at home.
Freshly butchered chickens (approximately two per jar)
Pickling Salt
Large mouth Quart Jars

Cut up chicken into legs, thighs, wings, and breasts. (Save the back bones for soup! You may also wish to save breasts for other meals.)

Place raw cut chicken pieces — bones and all — into quart size jars. Pack them tightly and as full as possible using the various pieces.

Add 1/4 tsp pickling salt.

Placed the lids and rings on. (It is not necessary to preheat lids or rings)

*(Due to risk of food poisoning I recommend using a pressure Canner)*

Preserving Chicken

Place into quart size pressure canner and tighten the lid down.

Raise the pressure to 10-12 pounds and time for one hour once pressure is reached.

Turn off heat source. Allow to cool down for ten minutes.

Release pressure and take quarts out and place them on a towell.

You can sample a jar at any time including right now once it cools enough to handle! After they cooled down for several hours put them into the pantry.

The chicken can be used cold or hot in a variety of ways.

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